The Global Business Model for International Trade

John Dunlop

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This 60-minute webinar will help exporters and importers understand the accepted business practices for doing business internationally, to include the Sale, the Performance, the Logistics and the Settlement phases of global business.

Course Objective

Many of the processes and procedures for doing business between countries is unique to trade to include the terms of sale with Incoterms; logistics by ship; methods of settlement with letters of credit; and performance with shipment and delivery. This webinar will help exporters and importers understand the accepted business practices for doing business internationally.

Attendees will learn what the Global Business Model is and the differences between domestic and international sales, performance, logistics and settlement. They will also lean what specific documents are needed to effect each phase and assure the reimbursement for goods shipped.

This training will be valuable for companies that sell, manufacture, contract for shipment and settle for reimbursement between countries

Course Outline

  • What is the Global Business Model?
  • What is International Trade?
  • What is a Trade Finance?
  • What is the Sales Process?
  • What is the Performance Process?
  • What is the Logistics Process?
  • What are the different types of Settlement?
  • How can I assure payment for my goods?
  • What are the Documents of Trade?
  • What is a Proforma Invoice and Bill of Exchange?

Target Audience

This webinar will provide valuable assistance to all companies that export or import goods and need to be assured they will receive payment and their goods.
  • Export and import managers
  • Freight forwarders
  • Banks
  • Trading companies

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Speaker: John Dunlop, CEO,

John W. Dunlop is CEO of, LLC. provides the eTrade Finance Platform as an open source web service for online eUCP Letter of Credit and trade finance transactions. The company also provides Documentary Letter of Credit Management services to assist exporters and importers in managing the letter of credit process from purchase order to final payment., LLC has been awarded an Export Achievement Certificate for accomplishments in the global marketplace by the US Commercial Service.

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