How to evaluate software solutions to best meet your Trade Compliance needs and requirements

Raymond Pechacek

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This webinar teaches you how to document a case for action leading to successful compliance software selection. You will learn how to determine your organization's critical requirements and evaluate them against multiple solutions. We will focus on effective evaluation methodologies rather than specific software packages.

Why Should You Attend:

Compliance professionals face many challenges given the regulations they must support. It is difficult to maintain manual controls in organizations demanding speed and flexibility in business operations. Compliance software expands control over these processes regardless of geography or time. It automates many compliance requirements and allows compliance personnel to focus on exceptions rather than repetitive task executions.

Compliance users desire to integrate these system tools in their daily work but getting them is another matter. They must convince both their management chain and Information Technology boards of the solution value compared to costs. However, Compliance and IT may have differing objectives and constraints that can sink the project.

You can increase your chances of success if you methodically evaluate your requirements, prioritize them, understand how they fit in your company’s IT structure, and compare them to both external software solutions and existing solutions. The ten-step process outlined in this webinar leads to a case for action you can present to both Business and IT management for project approval.

Areas Covered in the Webinar:

  • The project charter-what will you do and who will support you?
  • The "as is" process-what are you doing today?
  • How do you determine, rank, and prioritize your key requirements?
  • What are your key care-abouts/must haves?
  • What is your current internal IT software inventory and infrastructure?
  • What solutions do other companies use (benchmarking)?
  • What compliance software solutions are available?
  • Will the desired solution meet your requirements (fit/gap assessment)?
  • The "to be" process-what will you be doing tomorrow?
  • What ROI/Case for Action will you present to business and IT management?

Who Will Benefit:

  • Compliance professionals
  • Compliance managers
  • Compliance executives
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Speaker: Raymond Pechacek, Consultant, Self-Employed Contractor

Raymond Pechacek is a Global Trade Management/Supply Chain Professional with over 40 years of experience in Trade Compliance, Logistics Management, and IT Systems development and implementation. He managed Import/Export and Logistics operations for a large multinational electronics company and led an international project team responsible for implementing SAP Compliance, Transportation, and Warehouse Management software for all global operations. He worked on multiple Global Trade Management systems projects with a wide range of industry clients as both an independent consultant and with a Big Four consulting firm.

He was Co-Chair of the U.S. Customs Trade Resource Group responsible for providing industry input into the design of the Automated Export System/AES. He also influenced and worked closely with SAP Developers in Walldorf, Germany on Global Trade Services modules and implemented prototype designs.

He received a BBA Degree from the University of Texas at Austin. He is a certified Project Management Professional/PMP and employs project management techniques and principles in his Compliance and Systems work.

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